Pizza Delivery and BBQ Packs

The options for helping you with your food requirements are endless. As a small company, we can assist you in a variety of ways with your food requirements. Just discuss with us if you want help in catering for your group, and I am sure we can devise a plan to make your stay easier than ever.

Two suggestions could be with our new Pizza delivery service and our BBQ packs.

Artisan Style Pizza Delivery Service

After training from an Italian Pizza chef, we are proud to offer guests of our lodge our pizza delivery service.

Our home baked thin crispy herb or onion based dough, using the finest ingredients, most of which are either home produced or locally sourced are an excellent way of kicking off your evenings at Kicking Horse Kabins. From our own pizza sauce made from local tomatoes, fresh home produced mozzarella cheese (yes we top our pizzas with mozzarella cheese made that day!) and many other of our own or locally sourced toppings (we make our own salami, grow our own basil in summer etc etc), nothing can be finer than having a unique Kicking Horse Kabins pizza.

BBQ Packs

If you are staying with us in the lodge and want to have a BBQ on the deck, we can help you with providing your complete BBQ meal, including sides and even your dessert!

The BBQ itself would comprise of three items for the grill. These can be from a whole variety of options and can include our own home made sausages in a variety of flavours, sumptuous beef burgers, including our own ‘inside-out cheeseburgers, which are stuffed with our own home-made mozzarella cheese, steaks, kebabs, we even have vegetarian options for the grill too.

Opposite us is the Rocky Mountain Buffalo Ranch, so if you would like to include some Blaeberry Bison in your BBQ meal, then just let us know and we can get additional pricing options for this too.

The sides could include a variety of salads, potato salads, freshly home baked breads – everything you need to make it a complete outside cook-out. And don’t forget dessert! We will also include a dessert for you to finish off with.

Prices do vary, according to final requirements, but start at $25 per person.