We offer extensive catering options whist staying at both Kicking Horse Kabins and in Golden. Your stay in the accommodations at Kicking Horse Kabins really can be ‘as individual as you are’ and we can help make your stay totally unique. Our catering options are always suited to your individual requests and different from just about any private lodge you may have stayed in before. You can take breakfast or your evening meal to another level when staying here.

We take pride in the food we cook and provide. Where possible we source our food both locally and ethically and try our hardest to grow a substantial amount of produce in our own gardens.


Private Dining Experience

For guests in “The Lodge” you could consider our Private Chef Experience. Good food is an essential ingredient of this unique service, so if you are planning a celebratory meal, or simply just having a busy day and don’t want to cook or go to a restaurant, guests in “The Lodge” can have the restaurant come to you.

For those staying elsewhere in Golden, we offer private dining experiences and catering services dependent on the facilities available. Contact us to discuss availability.

Breakfast Hamper

We offer our ‘breakfast hamper’ options to both guests in ‘The Lodge” and “The Kabin”. We make our own sausages, cure our own bacon and our corn fed chickens produce beautiful yellow and creamy eggs, and along with our home baked bread, the breakfast hamper is delivered the evening before and cooked by you the next morning at your leisure, making this a perfect way to start your day.

BBQ Pack

We also can offer our BBQ pack delivery, with items for your BBQ, sides and even a dessert, taking away the stress of an evening meal after your day’s activities. Delivered to your accommodation, all you need to do is fire up the BBQ and start grilling.

Pizza Lovers

Love pizza? After training from an Italian Pizza chef, and many years’ experience, we are happy to offer guests of both “The Lodge” and “The Kabin” our pizza delivery service. Our pizza bases are made from fresh dough which has highlights of onion or herbs, taking pizzas to a whole new and different level. Our pizza sauce is made with care from locally grown tomatoes, and our own homemade mozzarella and a variety of different home produced or locally sourced toppings, our pizza delivery option, exclusive to guests at Kicking Horse Kabins, leaves you with only question………“why not?”


To avoid disappointment, please do order as early as possible. Whilst it maybe that we can cater to last minute requests, arranging your catered options early means this service is more likely to be available to you. An absolute minimum of 7 days’ notice is required for the Private Chef experience, and with our other options, although less notice is often needed, the more advance notice we have, the more options are available to you.